Dietary Supplements Explained

There are a number of dietary supplements that promise athletes more muscle, endurance or stamina. The preparations can be divided into different groups: Energy, carbohydrate and protein concentrates as well as sports drinks, micronutrient preparations and performance enhancers. On this website we aim to look at all these categories and provide you with quality information about which supplements can truly help you get better results.

Energy and carbohydrate concentrates

Energy concentrates (“weight gainer”) are usually offered as bars or powder for mixing. They are extremely rich in calories and therefore only useful if the total energy requirement per day is very high and cannot be covered by the normal diet. The concentrated energy can be useful for mountaineers, long-distance runners or triathletes.

The composition of the products is important: The energy contained should not come predominantly from fat, but primarily from carbohydrates, which are quickly available to the body.

As the name suggests, carbohydrate concentrates almost exclusively contain carbohydrates. After an intensive or long endurance load, they can replenish the body’s energy stores (glycogen stores).

Protein concentrates

Protein concentrates are also available as powders (in various flavours) or bars. Bodybuilders, in particular, hope that they will help them to build muscle more quickly. In fact, strength athletes need more protein than people who just want to maintain their muscle mass. But endurance athletes also have an increased protein requirement. Due to the long exposure they burn carbohydrates and fat as well as protein. They can absorb the required amounts of protein through their normal diet. Exception: People who eat strictly vegan food.

Who wants to increase its protein need over powder & CO., should be careful: Too much at proteins is harmful. The excess protein is broken down into urea, which in large quantities burdens the kidneys. Athletes who do not want to do without protein concentrates have to drink at least twice as much a day to increase washout.

In addition, protein is also a source of energy. The excessive supply of energy can ultimately lead to fat deposits, which probably no athlete would wish for.

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