Among the most outstanding probiotic foods we can find microalgae, yogurt, miso, and even chocolate.

Probiotics regulate and control our intestinal flora among many other benefits. They are obtained in various ways, with probiotic foods and through supplements. Natural probiotic foods improve our digestion and also strengthen our defenses. There are professionals who recommend such foods rather than taking supplements.

Among these, we can find microalgae, yogurt, miso, and even chocolate, for providing rich properties for the body. Find out what they are.

Kefir and yogurt

We put them together because they’re both alike. Kefir has become fashionable lately precisely because of its increased probiotic activity. It contains lactobacillus and bifidus, antioxidants, vegetable proteins… while yoghurt is also a perfect probiotic food, but it is important to buy unpasteurized ones.


Many foods of this type come from the East, as they have many benefits for the body. The miso is often used to flavor some soups that are bland.


Recently there has been a lot of talk about this drink, which is usually made by fermenting black tea leaves. It offers several benefits such as regulating the intestine and detoxifying the liver. It is a drink that many people who want to lose weight usually drink, but it is always advisable to ask a nutritionist first to know better.


Tempeh, which may still sound a little strange to you, is nothing more than fermented soybeans and can be added to soups, for example.

Pickled cucumbers

They are also good probiotic foods that can be incorporated into many of the foods we eat.


There are a variety of microalgae that also have benefits for the organism. Among the different microalgae we find the chorella, spirulina, kombu and Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, ie are natural probiotic foods that benefit the intestinal flora.

Brewer’s yeast

It provides a diversity of riches, such as B vitamins, protein, and minerals such as selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Dark Chocolate

It may seem strange that it is on this list, but yes, fermented cocoa is also such a food and it is the healthiest type of chocolate thanks to its antioxidants.


It will sound to us like food that is added to many German dishes. Because it seems to be rich in live and healthy crops, and is therefore in the classification of probiotic foods.